Saturday, January 31, 2009

San Fransisco [January 31st | 30/365]

Before the move back East, Dad drove us up the coast,
through Big Sur standing over us like legs under the table,
through a memorabilia restaurant in Monterey,
up to sleep in the minivan in a Denny's parking lot
because the server said the Scottish Festival was in town.

We drove in the next morning and spent all day following him
through the city. We jumped on a carnival trampoline
and watched a magician on the sidewalk. Magic never
looked so real or so fake. After that, though, we saw
these seals, or maybe sea lions (Dad didn't know)
flopped down in the sun, fat and surrounded by each other.
The way they stretched and rolled on the drenched wood,
you could forget that they ever went anywhere.

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