Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eveninglight [January 7th | 7/365]

We chase the evening to ensure we never see more than one star or I should say planet because the first and last pin-prick of light through the canopy is always Venus and we must not let love have competition for our eye's attention

We must cheat our way from airport to airport printing fake tickets and boarding passes and staff ID to make our way to the next available plane and stealing fresh clothes from unguarded bags so we can keep chasing the evening

It can end two ways either we die in a plane crash or we get caught by airport security and shuttled back to the previous airport and then the security there will send us back to the airport before and so on endlessly going against the day until our airplane crashes

We will keep moving to avoid that certainty because we are safe in the air and the less time we spend on the ground the better so we will keep chasing the evening and we will keep Venus as our only point of light in the sky

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