Thursday, January 8, 2009

13 Strings of Language [January 8th | 8/365]

The density of language can be measured by its unfamiliarity to each other
The seacoast harbors greater density caused by its living borderness
The dry interior restricts lineage because without water there is no border
The words rush out of the interior towards the sea only to crash change bounce
The change is joyous and necessary to such essenceness as to be hallow
The make is of no import only the joy of sound and inflection
The branching of sound is only and always binary except when they weren’t
The pruning has been cackhanded and left stumpy speech and frightened speakers
The land that is like another land belongs to the same difference between speech
The root can be refashioned out of all those differences without violation
The argument that is inviolable is that roots must originate in soil
The confusion circles out that leaves must be of the soil they shade
Let us not mince words those who crush language kill life murder joy

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