Friday, January 2, 2009

Artist's Statement [Januarly 2nd | 3/365]

a "13 ways"*

Admittedly, New York City doesn't really want to hear it.
Obviously, Nashville doesn't really want to hear it.
MySpace will pretend its listening while jacking off to movie ads.
I am linking to my video blog on Facebook, pretending its not important to me.
I am going to sing at every open mic in this weird country until my songs feels like part-time jobs.
I am not the act of applying for a job.
I am not interested in business casual Fridays.
I am not interested in making a burrito that is too spicy for God to eat.
A city is a worksite for a tower up to God.
A city is a bad dream that the architects couldn't wake up from.
Every time a band gets popular on MySpace, it becomes less possible for songwriters to call themselves architects.
The philosophers used to be the scientists.
I used to play my guitar like it could hurt silence's feelings.

*An exercise borrowed from Tara Betts of 30/30 fame. Write the same sentence 13 times. I personally interpret this very liberally, and I try not to get caught up on being consistent with it, but taking a longish sentence and rewriting it word-by-word could also pay off in spades, I'm sure.

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