Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Found Some Old Photos in a Book and Felt Like Gilgamesh [January 4th | 4/365]

Bodies in the water
Froth on the surface
The shore at the bottom
Out of focus
Can't make out any more

Woman with a tree at her feet
The rest of her missing
Gray grass gray sky
Black and white
I'm not sure who this is

A man lying on a couch
Looks like he's sighing
His skin looks like resin
I know who that is
It's me

And then there's you
You never smile in pictures
And never look at the camera
Too distracted by something
You're sitting on a sidewalk

I will go into this other world
To get you back from its gods
But you know and I know
That I will fail at the final task
And have you disappear again

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