Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Believe That Negative Energy Can Be Good [January 18th | 17/365]

Sometimes, when I'm depressed,
I hear people laughing
on the other side of a door,
or I feel my desk shaking
because my housemates are having sex,
or I get sent a linkto a funny YouTube video,
and I think that I'm right to be depressed,
and everybody else is wrong,

and I want to tell my housemates that they're wrong
for having sex even though sex is dangerous and pointless
and causes children, which are bad for the planet,

and I want to tell my friends and strangers
that nothing they find funny is actually clever or good,

and I want to tell people
who won't read a poem that starts, "Sometimes, when I'm depressed,"
that they're stupid and will be depressed one day too,
and they'll still be stupid,

but instead I bottle up my anger,
and it becomes like a bottle rocket of anger,
which propells me out of bed
to my kitchen,
which is good, because then I can make tea,
and tea is good for you.

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