Sunday, January 4, 2009

Riding in a Scion Up and Down I70 Blues [January 4th | 5/365]

I met a bartender at the last spot open in the Kansas City Power & Light.
She spoke Midwestern like she had no second language,
without a trace of Toby Keith.
All I know is that I'm coming up to Chicago,
and Chicago will be hiding you behind its dirty teeth.

And there was Jackie Onassis in The Catacombs in Boulder.
Over PBR, she told me she liked bluegrass
and certain tracks by MIA.
All I know is that I'm coming up to Chicago
and Chicago still won't call me up to tell me where to stay.

Interstate 70 never gets the message
that I don’t want to eat at Mickey D’s,
Most of the cities know how to treat an ethical consumer,
but these streets stretch out like the graph of some disease.

I can’t complain, at least they’ll take me up to Chicago,
and later in my life I’ll get someone to help me plant some trees.

And every place I drink down here in Denver
is full of pretty haircuts and eyes
and ears all locked with chains.
At least I'm coming back around to Chicago
and you can teach me how to use the trains.

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