Friday, January 2, 2009

The Break-up of the Universe [January 2nd | 2/365]

Sometimes I think that the only way to understand all that has happened since is to assume that the World ended and we are experiencing a shared non-world as the last second of existence is drawn ceaselessly out as Time unthreads the Universe.

I also believe that I am making a category mistake by falling into metaphor and I will always be ceaselessly wrong while I keep falling into metaphor because I am human and a human brain will liken one thing to another automatically even though no one thing is like anything else.

My brain has the capacity to bury truth in the clearly wrong and disinter the truth from my senses as if it thinks that I am unable to handle the obvious but that is a mistake because the brain does not think it is only I that think and I think ceaselessly about what I know truly happened.

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