Friday, January 23, 2009

My Pitch for a Teen Romantic Comedy [January 23rd | 23/365]

Our hero will be a popular athlete--sharp hair, slick clothes, quick to joke, but always a little sad because he knows something is missing. He falls in love with the pretty girl with glasses. She would have a crush on him at first, but then she'd hear a rumor or he'd tell a bad joke.

The boy would be in a fraternity. He'd drink a lot, and the other fraternity brothers would think he was just "up for a good time," but really he'd be drinking away this feeling that he'd rather be doing something else. Their nickname for him would be "Abraham Drinkin'." They could maybe have found a top hat at a yard sale and make him wear it when he's had a lot to drink.

In one scene, he would be wandering around campus with the hat on. He would have had some beer in the morning to try to ease his hangover, but he'll have drunk too much. He'll be stumbling around the main green, shouting the cute girl with glasses' name. His friends will make fun of him as they walk by. Non-college students walking by will think he's crazy and laugh at him or just get scared. Someone will recognize him from sports, and he'll yell at them and throw a punch but miss. He won't get the girl.

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