Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Depth of Field [January 13th | 13/365]

I see no stars through the skylight and no moon but I do not think the universe beyond this room has disappeared even though the only signs of its existence tonight have been the far off moans of trains and the whine of car tires on asphalt.

The longer my night gets the deeper I sink into my brain like a bathysphere down into my imagination peering out into the darkness through tiny portholes built especially to withstand the pressure so that I may remain uncrushed.

It is true that the bottom of the sea is a desert but deserts are ecologies and so goes for the ocean floor not that I have been there but I have watched many nature documentaries especially late at night when I could not sleep.

I have a television but I never watch it because I am tired of falling asleep on a couch when I could instead lie awake in bed staring through a skylight hoping to see stars and planets and the moon so that I have proof the universe still exists.

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