Monday, January 12, 2009

Execution of Gordon the Slave Trader, February 21, 1862 [January 11th | 11/365]

The newspaper illustration is so pleasing, the lined up
Soldiers, the two distinct groups of onlookers, the shadows
Adding time and drama and off-center the slave trader
Nathaniel Gordon waiting to be hanged, the noose
Around the neck.

It is beyond me to understand how a man could
Dream of making his fortune running slaves from
Africa to Brazil, how he could consider it fitting to
Provide for his son's future with the spoils from
Trading in humans.

My anger set aflame by reading today's newspaper
Spreads across my brain searching indiscriminately
And dumbly for new fuel like its algae in a pond
Eating the sunlight or like clouds of dust drifting
Through space.

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