Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily Pattern [March 13th | 70/365]

The soft voiced middle-aged liquor store clerk making lewd gestures as he sells me beer has the same timbre to his speech as the 98-year old woman who thanked me for fixing her television and the same cadence as the disappointed man in his thirties who sounded like he was twice as old when he realized that I would not be able to solve his problems.

The other day everyone I met had dissimilar eyes.

We make characters out of people but we don't base them in reality so much as realism and that's how we can understand that just because it's untrue it doesn't mean it's a lie and that's how religion was eroded not by the sword or by technology but by the understanding that all can be text and story and allegory even truth.

We make patterns and we think they're beautiful and profound.

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