Monday, February 2, 2009

Robot Baby [February 2nd | 33/365]

I am not a robot; I am a human baby
trapped inside of a robot's body.
I am inside the part of the robot
where I could control the robot
if my motor skills had finished developing.

If you can hear this through the robot, you must have telepathy.
I like humans with powers better than I like robots.
I think I remember climbing into the robot because I was curious,
but now it's dark and I don't even know what the robot is doing.
He could be destroying an enemy robot or a village.
I'm bored. I don't think the robot is going to feed me.
I'm hungry. The inside of the robot just smells like robot.
When I get out, I'll probably play with a motorized toy.

I'll be sitting in my playpen, pressing the bubble button on a toy car
and then I'll remember where I just was and say, "Blurg,"
but I'll mean to say, "Crap."

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